World went green for one day – level 3

World went green for one day – level 3

21-03-2013 14:00

Ireland has put aside its economic travails to celebrate the day of its national saint, St Patrick. This year the celebrations are also global. 70 monuments like the Pyramids and Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue have been lit up green.

Back home, the streets of Dublin were a sea of green as young and old turned out to mark the occasion. It’s been a five day affair, with 8,000 visitors from around the world joining in a people's parade.

Prime Minister Enda Kenny has taken 19 of his ministers on a goodwill trip to sell the Irish brand abroad.

More than 13 million pints of Guinness will be drunk in the world across one day and Guinness is offering a free visit to its factory for everyone called Patrick.

Interesting words: aside (to one side), travail (unpleasant situation), light up (give light to something), occasion (special time when something happens), parade (when people walk through the streets with musicians or dancers), goodwill trip (trip that show how good and kind you are).

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