You can see through a car - level 3

You can see through a car - level 3

18-04-2014 07:00

Ever wanted to know what a see-through car would look like? Well, you could be in luck, as Land Rover has revealed its very own invisible car technology.

In an augmented reality video, you can see Land Rover’s new transparent bonnet technology in action, as a car bonnet becomes completely clear showing the road beneath.

Cameras located in the car’s grille capture data and feed it up to a head-up display, which then effectively creates a see-through view of the ground.

Land Rover says that having a see-through bonnet gives drivers a new level of awareness, showing them the engine bay, the wheels and the ground so drivers can see any hidden objects, especially as they head up steep hills or confined spaces.

Land Rover is showcasing the Discovery Vision concept car in New York on April 16th.

Difficult words: augmented reality (when a picture is shown on top of a real view), transparent (you can see through it), bonnet (metal lid over the front of a car), grille (metal bars at the front of a car), awareness (ability to notice something), engine bay (area where the engine sits), confined (small).


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