Young people dance on a tank – level 3

Young people dance on a tank – level 3

13-03-2013 14:00

Harlem Shakes have hit the web in all different shapes and sizes in recent weeks but Harlem shaking on a World War II memorial was a step too far for Russian police. They arrested 5 people for dancing on this tank and uploading the video to YouTube.

If you’ve had a bag over your head for the past few weeks, like this guy, the Harlem Shake starts with the solo dancer who is joined by others when the bass drops. Props or funny locations are quite common too.

The World War II memorial is roughly 1300 miles east of Moscow. Those arrested told police they wanted to celebrate a friend who serves in the Russian army.

Interesting words: bass (low sound), props (small things that are used by actors in movies).

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