Zombies do Zumba – level 3

14-10-2014 15:00

Talk about a monster mash!

Almost 200 Zumba dancers donned white face paint, ripped clothes and fake blood and attempted to dance their way into the record books.

One hundred and eighty-three zombie dancers in total took part in the event at Tulleys Farm in West Sussex, UK.

“It’ll be interesting. I say, I’ve never done it before so I’m just going to go with the flow if you like.”

“As a zombie who’s just so dead-icated to my fitness then this is a really important day for me, especially if it sets a world record.”

“It’s exotic isn’t it? Zombies can be from anywhere in the world and that Zumba is a South American exotic dance and this is an exotic festival.”

The 15-minute set included tracks featuring zombie dance favourites such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, “The Time Warp”, and some special mixes including “Dracula Tango”, “Ghostbusters” and the incredibly scary “Gangnam Style”.

The Zumba record attempt was led from the stage by qualified instructors and a team of dancers.

Here’s the awkward part… Guinness World Records doesn’t currently have a category for the largest Zumba class featuring zombies… I know, I was shocked as well.

So we will have to wait to find out if Guinness recognises it and if these ghouls have gangnamed their way to Guinness glory.

Difficult words: monster mash (“Monster Mash” was a song from the USA in the 1960s that featured dancing monsters), don (put on), dead-icated (this is a pun or a joke; a dedicated person really wants to do something, but it also sounds like “dead” and zombies are technically dead), ghoul (an evil spirit), awkward  (uncomfortable), gangnam (“Gangam Style” is a very popular song, and here the context uses the word as a verb because the zombies danced to the song).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com


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