Bike Race New Date – level 3

20-04-2020 07:00

Cycling’s most prestigious race, the Tour de France, has been postponed. The rescheduling of the race comes as all of France is currently under lockdown.

The three-week bike race was previously scheduled to start in Nice on June 27 and to end in Paris on July 19.

However, large gatherings like festivals and sporting events will still be banned in France in mid-July. For this reason, organizers announced that the Tour de France will begin on August 29. It is important to hold the event in the best conditions possible because of its central place in cycling’s economy and its exposure.

It can pay well to participate in this race because race teams can reportedly earn as much as 70% of their global revenue through sponsorship for this one event.

Difficult words: prestigious (very important and respected), exposure (when something is watched closely by many people), revenue (income), sponsorship (when a company helps you do something if you advertise for that company).

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