Copyright on the Internet – level 3

03-05-2019 07:00

The European Parliament gave the green light to copyright reforms with big changes for technology companies.

The ‘copyright bill’ is one law that the parliament passed. One part of the law says that Internet sites will have to pay publishers to show their work. This means that a site like Google News would pay news organisations for their stories on its site. Another part of the law makes companies like Facebook or Google responsible if their users make any copyright infringements.

Critics say that it will be very difficult and expensive for even powerful technology companies to manage these changes. They worry that this law will stop online creativity or not allow people to say what they think.

Difficult words: give the green light (approve of something, allow something to begin), copyright reform (a change to law about copyright – the protection of someone’s ideas so someone else cannot easily copy them), copyright infringement (copying someone else’s ideas without permission or without paying money).

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