Сustom Essay Writing Service: 6 Points That Make ThePensters.com Special

22-08-2018 07:00

When it comes to using custom essay writing services, students want to make sure that they are using the best websites. There are a few features that make a custom essay writing website great. These include the ability to customize essays, pay an affordable rate, and avoid plagiarism. Luckily ThePensters.com has all of that and more. Let’s take a look at some of ThePensters.com’s best features.

  1. Hundreds of Writers to Choose From

ThePensters.com has over 400 writers to choose from. Each writer has a rating and reviews from real clients. Because both of these things are visible to potential customers, the writers are motivated to work as hard as possible so they can ensure the best rating for themselves, as well as the best essay for their client. Customers are sure to get a great paper from any one of the professional writers on this site.

  1. Payment Based on Essay Length and Due Dates

When it comes to essays on ThePensters.com, you pay for what you get. Pricing varies based on a couple of major factors: how fast the essay needs to be completed, how long the essay needs to be, and the writer of the paper.  For example, the shorter the essay and the longer the writer has to work on it, the cheaper it will be.

Once a student posts a job on the site, writers can bid on the project. This way, students can hire based on both prices as well as writing reviews and rating. This makes it possible for the customer to buy an essay that fits their budget. 

  1. Customization Features

Unlike some other essay writing websites, ThePensters.com doesn’t sell customers pre-written essays. The essays are not written until a writer is hired. Since students get to propose the topic, they have control over what the essay is about. This is great for students, as they do not need to search for what they are looking for; they simply order what they want.

  1. Secure Payments

Some other essay writing services can be a bit sketchy when it comes to payment. That’s not the case with ThePensters.com. All payments are secure. As an added bonus, customer’s aren’t charged until they approve the entire project. If the essay is a bit pricey, customers can also choose to pay for the project in installments, rather than all at once.

  1. Plagiarism-Free

All of the essays on ThePensters.com are made only after they are ordered, which reduces the chances that they could be plagiarized. As a bonus, once the articles are completely written, they are run through a plagiarism checker to make sure there are no accidental instances of plagiarism. ThePensters.com even has a free plagiarism checker customer can use for their own writing.

  1. Confidential

All of the services on ThePensters.com are entirely confidential. The customer’s payment information and personal information are not shared with anyone else. No one will know that the customer used the site unless they tell someone. The website does this in hopes that customers will come back for more.

Overall, ThePensters.com seems like a great essay writing site for students who are looking for a safe place to buy essays, many writers to choose from, and customization features that some other sites just can’t offer. Customers are sure to be satisfied after using ThePensters.com for their essay writing needs.

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