Fun school projects with magnets and metal – level 2

16-07-2019 14:00

Science is arguably one of the most interesting and fun subjects for kids. There are endless opportunities for practical experiments that are sure to surprise and excite children’s imaginations. A great way to get into experimenting with science is with the use of magnets. The properties of magnets allow for an “invisible force” to move objects seemingly on their own!

Here is a fun experiment your kids can try using magnets.


Magnetic breakfast

Do you know if your cereal has magnetic minerals?

This quick and easy experiment will help you to find out.

You will need some cereal, a plastic bag, a rolling pin and a strong magnet.


Step 1: Empty some cereal into a see-through plastic bag and close it

Step 2: Use the rolling pin to crush the cereal into a fine powder

Step 3: Bring the magnet close to the powder to see if any of it is lifted by the magnet


A lot of cereals contain iron that your body needs to be healthy. If lots of your cereal is lifted by the magnet, then it must be high in iron – which is very good for you!

Once your kids have got a taste for magnets, you might want to move on to more advanced experiments. Places like RS Components sell high-tech magnetic equipment that will be sure to carry on fuelling your children’s thrill for science!


Difficult words: iron (in this case, refers to the iron in our red blood cells), rolling pin (a piece of kitchenware used to roll out things like pastry or dough), minerals (a substance needed by the human body to be healthy)

What do you think about the experiments?


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