German Airlines Strike – level 3

02-01-2020 07:00

Lufthansa has a low-cost carrier called Eurowings, which has had to cancel more than 170 flights due to a 3-day flight attendant strike.

The flight attendants work for Germanwings, a business which runs flights in Germany. Their union has been stuck in a bitter dispute with Lufthansa due to part-time work rules, and the union told the flight attendants to strike.

The canceled flights were scheduled from Monday through Wednesday of this week. Eurowings said that the strike was incomprehensible and that it wanted to give people normal flight schedules between Christmas and the New Year.

The strike has not affected any Lufthansa flights yet. A past strike by the same union caused the airline to cancel 1,500 flights.

Difficult words: carrier (a business that provides travel), bitter dispute (a disagreement that is difficult to end), incomprehensible (difficult to understand).

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