My Last Moment with Dad – level 2

30-01-2019 09:00

This story is by Rossana Internullo, the reader of News in

I do not have many nice memories as a child. I think that I am the only person who would never go back to childhood if I could.

When I was a child, my father didn’t give me many hugs. He was very strict to me. With time, I realized that my father was strict to me because his parents were strict to him too. My father didn’t know any other way. Four years ago, when my father was seriously ill, my feelings to him changed. My bad feelings to him stopped and I only felt that there was no hope and that I had no power to help him.

One day, he needed to shave but he was so weak and he could not move. I felt that I had to do that for him. At the beginning, he didn’t want me to shave him because he was so proud but he accepted eventually. I was very careful because I didn’t want to cut his skin.

When I was shaving him,we were both quiet. The silence started to be unpleasant, so I asked him, “How am I doing dad? Am I hurting you?”

He said quietly, “You’re doing perfect.”

I wanted to say something funny and I asked him again, “What do you think? Could I open a barber shop, dad? Am I good enough?”
His answer surprised me, “Of course. You can do any job in your life and you will always succeed. Do you know why? Because you put enthusiasm in all things which you do.

That was the first and the last time when he said something like this to me. This last moment with him was a very important lesson to me. His words stayed deeply in my heart. They helped me to have a better relationship with my dad.

My dad is still here with me. I know that he is around when white butterflies follow me. I also know that he’s with me when I look in the mirror. From my big brown eyes, he is looking and smiling at me.


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Difficult words: realized (understood), eventually (finally), barber shop (a shop where men’s hair is cut), succeed (to have success), butterfly (a beautiful insect with big colourful wings).

You can find real photos of Rossana and her dad are lower on this page.

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