New technologies help swimmers – level 1

05-07-2024 07:00

Swimsuits are very important for swimming. Designers make them better and better. Now, before the Olympics, athletes are looking for the best swimsuits.

Olympic swimsuits are very expensive. The sports body makes rules for what materials and designs companies can use. But companies still try to make the best suits. They use new materials. Swimmers test different suits to find the best one.

The new Arena suit is easy to put on. You only need two minutes for that. Normally, you would need ten minutes. The suit also makes you feel light in the water. It reduces bubbles, which makes you swim faster.

Difficult words: designer (a person who creates new things), body (a group of people who work together and decide on something), reduce (to make smaller or less in amount or size).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What are some features of the new Arena swimsuit that make it stand out from other Olympic swimsuits?


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