Russia Nuclear Explosion – level 3

19-02-2020 15:00

Just 1,000 kilometers north of Moscow, there is the village of Nyonoksa. It is near a Russian military base set up by the Soviet navy in 1954, and non-residents need a permission to visit the village.

In August 2019, there was an explosion of a rocket engine and radiation leak at the base. At least 5 people died in the explosion and that was not the first accident over the years.

Some people who witnessed the explosion said that no news appeared until 4 hours later. People in the village were worried about the radiation, and a lot of them did not harvest fruit from their gardens. However, officials told them that there was no radiation absorbed in the water or soil.

People still worry about the consequences, and about the lack of information about the radiation.

Difficult words: radiation (a form of energy that comes from a nuclear reaction and that is dangerous to health), leak (when liquid or gas accidentally gets out of a container through a hole or a crack), consequence (a bad or unpleasant result of a situation).

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