Vape Illness Reason – level 3

15-11-2019 07:00

In the US, health officials at the Centers for Disease Control said that they may know what caused the nationwide outbreak of illnesses related to vape products. They say that vitamin E acetate may be the culprit.

Product makers put vitamin E acetate into many food and skin products, and it appears safe to eat or put on the skin. However, when someone heats it and inhales it, it seems to cause many breathing problems.

The health officials said that investigators tested samples from 29 patients who were sick from vape products, and the investigators found vitamin E acetate in 100% of the samples. Almost all of the patients also said they had used their vape products to vape the drug THC. Some makers of illegal THC vape products add vitamin E acetate to the products.

The health officials said that there may be more causes of the outbreak.

Difficult words: outbreak (a sickness or event that happens suddenly, and in many places), culprit (the cause of something, a person who may have done something), sample (some collected information so an investigator can test or analyze it).

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