A Plane Crash in Kyrgyzstan – level 1

19-01-2017 07:00 There is a plane crash near the main airport in Kyrgyzstan. About 40 people die.  The Turkish Boeing 747 crashes in a...

Bridge Overturn and Kills 7 – level 1

17-01-2017 15:00 An accident happens in Colombia. There are people on a bridge. There are too many of them. They are too heavy for the bridge. The...

Fight in the Turkish Parliament – level 1

17-01-2017 07:00 This news is from Turkey. There are two types of politicians in the Turkish Parliament. One group is in power. The other group is in...

Lorry Attack in Jerusalem – level 1

13-01-2017 07:00 There is a shooting in Jerusalem. Four soldiers die. They are three women and one man. 15 soldiers have injuries. This happens after...

Iranian President Dies – level 1

12-01-2017 07:00 This news is from Iran. Akbar Rafsanjani is the Iranian President. He is the president from 1989 to 1997. This week, he dies. He has...

Airplane Safety for Korean Air – level 1

10-01-2017 15:00 Korean Air is an airline. A passenger attacks other passengers during a flight. An American singer is on that flight. He sees the...

Karate Against Rape – level 1

09-01-2017 15:00 There is war in Myanmar. People die. People are displaced. Women are raped. There is a camp in Myanmar. People without homes are in...

Swedish Taxi-pod – level 1

06-01-2017 15:00 Students in Goteborg, Sweden, need to travel in the busy city centre. But now they do not need to take a bus or a taxi. They can use...

Car Ban in Madrid – level 1

06-01-2017 07:00 There is too much pollution in Madrid. That is why there is a ban on some cars now. These cars cannot go in Madrid on some days. The...

Brazilian Prison Massacre – level 1

05-01-2017 07:00 This news is from a prison. The prison is in Brazil. The prisoners start fighting. It is a fight between two gangs. Police come to...
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