17-08-2018 07:00

Around 200 metres of a bridge in...

16-08-2018 07:00

As monsoon rains caused major floods and...

14-08-2018 07:00

In central Japan, a helicopter lost contact...

13-08-2018 07:00

The ongoing heatwave has reduced Portugal’s rolling...

10-08-2018 15:00

Brazil’s indigenous authority filmed the moment an...

10-08-2018 07:00

Security cameras captured the moment that a...

09-08-2018 07:00

A gust of wind hit a plane...

08-08-2018 07:00

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, was giving...

07-08-2018 07:00

Indonesia lies on the Pacific Ring of...

03-08-2018 15:00

In a beautiful, remote part of Mexico,...

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