19-10-2018 15:00

In Georgia, a dog came onto a...

13-10-2018 12:00

Fred is 35 years old and he...

02-10-2018 15:00

A police officer in England caught a...

21-09-2018 15:00

The ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ show has...

24-08-2018 15:00

A man in California set the new...

07-08-2018 15:00

A camera captured a funny moment in...

27-07-2018 15:00

Two men, who are known as “Slow...

24-07-2018 15:00

An incredible video emerged. It shows a...

20-07-2018 15:00

Somebody installed a special screen at a...

16-07-2018 15:00

A teacher at a Chilean high school...

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