20-09-2017 15:00

In South Africa, hundreds of people came...

18-09-2017 15:00

On Tuesday 12th, Apple introduced its newest...

18-09-2017 07:00

Pink chocolate is a new type of...

14-09-2017 07:00

Hundreds of thousands of people came together...

06-09-2017 15:00

Cambodia plans to restore its train lines,...

04-09-2017 15:00

A relative once asked an Egyptian barber...

04-09-2017 07:00

Each hour, people play 30,000 Scrabble games...

31-08-2017 07:00

After old stories about hungry mice, many...

30-08-2017 07:00

An astronaut onboard the International Space Station...

29-08-2017 07:00

People from a Russian town tried to...

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