13-07-2018 15:00

An American family called for help after...

12-07-2018 15:00

Scientists mounted a camera on a falcon’s...

09-07-2018 15:00

Shanti the elephant’s paintings fetched 2000 dollars...

06-07-2018 07:00

People banned international trade in rhino horn...

04-07-2018 07:00

Poncho, an eight-year-old cocker spaniel, went viral...

03-07-2018 07:00

Staff from the Amboseli National Park in...

29-06-2018 07:00

A bear near Lake Tahoe in California...

28-06-2018 15:00

Rescue workers in the far east of...

27-06-2018 07:00

If you live in the northern hemisphere,...

20-06-2018 15:00

International Animal Rescue released footage from 2013...

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