17-08-2017 15:00

After heavy rain, there were floods and...

16-08-2017 07:00

Joaquin Guzman, commonly known as El Chapo,...

15-08-2017 15:00

North Korea is not supposed to be...

14-08-2017 15:00

People were protesting a white nationalist march...

11-08-2017 15:00

A woman in Maryland, USA saw a...

10-08-2017 15:00

A presidential election is taking place in...

09-08-2017 15:00

In Jordan, there was a law that...

09-08-2017 07:00

In Portugal, a light plane crashed on...

07-08-2017 15:00

Acid attacks are on the rise in...

04-08-2017 15:00

Terrorists in Sydney, Australia, plotted to take...

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