22-10-2018 07:00

Several months’ worth of rain fell in...

17-10-2018 15:00

Torrential rain caused flash floods on the...

16-10-2018 07:00

Hurricane Michael is the strongest hurricane to...

15-10-2018 07:00

Twenty people were killed when a limousine...

12-10-2018 07:00

Trump may get a nomination for the...

09-10-2018 07:00

Last Wednesday in Texas, USA, a school...

08-10-2018 07:00

Popocatepetl is a volcano in Mexico that...

05-10-2018 07:00

The Catalonian independence referendum in Spain took...

04-10-2018 15:00

An incident occurred in Colombia. A soldier...

04-10-2018 07:00

Police in the Netherlands say that they...

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