25-04-2018 07:00

Thousands of people came to Bhaktapur, Nepal,...

12-04-2018 07:00

In Britain, Alf Smith turns 110 years...

11-04-2018 07:00

Virgin Galactic reached an important milestone, as...

09-04-2018 15:00

In 1994, a Chinese couple turned their...

04-04-2018 07:00

Two years after David Bowie’s passing, people...

02-04-2018 15:00

Land artist Dario Gambarin created a new...

30-03-2018 15:00

Snow from Siberia turned orange after it...

29-03-18 07:00

Around the globe, iconic landmarks went dark...

27-03-2018 07:00

It was World Down Syndrome Day on...

23-03-2018 15:00

With Easter coming next week, chocolatiers in...

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