Smallest monkeys in the world - level 3

Smallest monkeys in the world - level 3

18-03-2016 15:00

What’s smaller than the smallest monkey on earth? Its baby. of course!

Introducing these two new adorable and absolutely tiny baby pygmy marmosets and Sydney's Symbio Wildlife Park's latest additions. Weighing in at just 15 grams and smaller than a human thumb, the little monkeys may be tiny to us, but they were the equivalent of a human giving birth to a ten-year-old child. That's certainly no monkey business!

Their proud parents Gomez and IT were introduced to each other last year, when IT arrived at the zoo's endangered species captive breeding program. And it was love at first sight! After years of bachelorhood for Gomez, he didn't monkey around and now they can call these precious little babies their own.

As well as being really, really ridiculously cute-looking, their birth is necessary for the ongoing survival of the endangered species. Being the world's smallest monkey, with adults weighing in at around the same weight as an average apple, at just 100 grams, the species is vulnerable to extinction, because of deforestation and illegal pet trade.

But there's no denying they're so adorable, it's bananas!

Difficult words: adorable (lovable, cute, sweet), tiny (very small), addition (somebody new), pygmy marmosets (a kind of small monkey), monkey business idiom (doing something silly), endangered species (an animal kind which may die out soon), captive (held behind a fence, not free), breeding (reproduction), bachelorhood (living as a bachelor – unmarried/single man), precious (amazing), vulnerable (not protected), extinction (dying out), deforestation (destroying forests), it’s bananas (it’s crazy).


What do you think about these monkeys?

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