Video Games Look Like Movies – level 1

28-09-2020 15:00

Movies and video games are very different in the past. However, they are becoming more similar. Movies and video games do some things in the same ways. They both use motion capture. Motion capture is a special technique.

In the past, it is usual only for movies. An actor moves. A camera records him. He changes into a character in a computer.

Both movies and video games also like to tell a story. Cut scenes are in video games. A cut scene is a short scene. It tells a story. Players cannot skip this part of the game. They must watch it.

Some people do not like this. They think that games must be interactive. This makes games different from movies.

Difficult words: technique (a special way of doing something), scene (an action is a film or book), interactive (when you can play and choose what to do in a game).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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