Woman Paints Animals on Trees – level 3

26-04-2023 15:00

In a notoriously polluted city in China, a young student painted on trees to turn them into colorful works of art. She said that she did this when she noticed the knots on trees and wanted to paint on them.

She has painted a range of things such as pandas and white cats, which people can see on 15 tree trunks along a street.

It takes her about 4 hours to finish a painting. She says that her main motivation was to raise awareness for the environment. She hopes that people will protect and treasure nature after seeing her paintings and will not be depressed by the smoggy weather.

People say that her water-colour paintings do not harm the trees.

Difficult words: notoriously (widely known for something bad), knot (a place on a tree where a branch was cut off or fell off), range (go from one place to another), raise (put up).

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