25 years of Mr Bean - level 3

25 years of Mr Bean - level 3

10-09-2015 15:00

Mr Bean made an unexpected return to the streets of London this week. The British comedy legend headed to Buckingham Palace to celebrate 25 years of success.

“Well, I’m just going to have some old birthday party. It’s just me and my friend, my friend Teddy. Yes, yes, it’s today! It is, it’s today, my birthday, so I brought all my presents. They’re in the car.”

“Did Teddy get you a present?”

“No… Oh, I think he might have done it. He just hasn’t told me where it is.”

Commuters and tourists looked on in surprise as Mr Bean, played by actor Rowan Atkinson, navigated the country's most famous roads and parks on top off his iconic lime-green mini.

Mr Bean’s antics have been enjoyed by fans in over 190 territories around the world, and even now 25 years since his first appearance, he continues to attract new audiences with 1.5 billion views of his clips on YouTube and almost 63 million fans on Facebook.

Difficult words: commuter (a person who commutes – travels to work daily), iconic (famous), antics (foolish or funny behaviour).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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