Bizarre sports - level 3

Bizarre sports - level 3

12-06-2014 07:00

It’s not the most renowned international sporting competition, but things were kicking off in a pub in the East Midlands, as they held the 38th World Toe Wresting Championships.

Yes, that’s right! Competitors went toe to toe to battle it out, and it’s a bit more complex than it looks.

“You’ve just got to get the other person’s ankle to touch, or toes, to touch the other side of the board. You start on the same line, you can shuffle once you’ve started, but your foot has to stay on the board in-between the lines, and you’ve just got to touch the side.”

The fancy footwork, which took place at Bentley Brook Inn in Derbyshire, saw reigning world champion Alan “Nasty” Nash returning for the 11th time.

“Everybody thinks you’ve got to have big toes, but short, stubby toes – that’s what’s best. I prefer the long toes coming up against me because they snap easier.”

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, the world shin-kicking championships also took place in the Cotswolds. Over the last four centuries, brave competitors have stuffed their trousers with straw before attempting to kick each other until one of them falls over.

Difficult words: renowned (famous), toe to toe (to get close together AND to put toes close to one another), shuffle (to move your feet a little), fancy (cool), inn (hotel with a restaurant), stubby (short and thick).


Do you do any bizarre sport?

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