Bloodhound Supersonic Car – level 3

02-10-2015 15:00

Described as part Formula One car, part space rocket and part supersonic jet, the Bloodhound Supersonic Car is aiming to be the world’s first thousand-miles-per-hour car when it attempts to set a new world record. The car’s British designers say they’re pushing the limits of science with the Bloodhound, a catalyst for cutting-edge research in aerodynamics and high-tech engineering.

At an event in London’s Canary Wharf, the completed Bloodhound vehicle was unveiled to the public following 8 years of research, design, and manufacturing.

Bloodhound Supersonic Car will be driven by wing commander Andy Green, who currently holds the world record of 763 miles per hour (1,228 kph) at the wheel.

“Every single time I get in this car, I’m going to be slightly nervous because an extraordinary team of world-class engineers have conceived and hand-built this car out of 3,500 bespoke components. Supported by over 200 sponsor companies, 12 leading world’s leading universities with the research and the technology development as we push back the boundaries of physics in a car that is part Formula One car, part space rocket, and part supersonic jet fighter. All of that world-class product, tens of thousands of people have been put into this astonishing vehicle. Every single time I drive that, my driving has to be world-class to be worthy of that.”

During the thousand miles per hour record attempt, Green will travel faster than a bullet fired from a handgun. According to the designers, this is more than seven times the power of all the cars in Formula One combined.

Next year, the team plans to travel to the Hakskeen Pan in Northern Cape to put the Bloodhound through its paces and attempt to set a new record of an astonishing 800 miles per hour (1,287 kph).

Difficult words: attempt (to try), catalyst (a thing which makes something happen), cutting-edge (the newest, the best), unveil (to show something to the public for the first time), wing commander (a rank of officer in the RAF – Royal Air Force), extraordinary (special), conceive (to create), bespoke (custom-made), astonishing (amazing), put something through its paces (to make something demonstrate its abilities).



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