Fiji’s First Medal – level 3

Fiji’s First Medal – level 3

19-08-2016 07:00

The Pacific nation of Fiji erupted with wild celebrations after winning its first Olympic medal in the Men's Rugby Sevens. 

The gold medal was well-deserved as the team produced a breathtaking performance, thrashing Great Britain 43-7, and prompting Fiji's prime minister to declare a public holiday next week to celebrate.

British coach Ben Ryan spoke of his delight of helping the team reach this historic landmark.

“You know, we've won world titles, we won huge events, but the Olympic Games is on another level and they've left a legacy on the island now. And they were quiet actually they weren't as as ecstatic as you would think. They were overcome, I think, and took some time to thank everybody that's been involved in them. It’s a humble group and I’m just delighted that they managed to get the gold medal.”

Rugby has returned to the Rio Olympics after 92 years with the sevens format used in Brazil enjoying a cult following in Fiji where crowds gathered in bars, shopping centres and the national stadium to watch the match.

Difficult words: thrash (defeat heavily), prompt (make), declare ( formally say that something is true now), delight (great pleasure – happiness), landmark (an important event), huge (very big), on another level (very different), legacy (something important to the people), ecstatic (very, very happy), overcome (moved, impressed, emotional), humble (modest, not proud), cult (very popular by a small number of people), following (support, fans, cheering), gather (meet in large numbers).


How many Olympic Medals has your country won?

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