Fire at a show in India - level 3

Fire at a show in India - level 3

18-02-2016 07:00

This is the moment dancers performing at a cultural event in Mumbai realized the stage beneath them had set on fire. The huge blaze quickly engulfed the venue of the event that was being held at the opening of ‘Make in India’ week. It quickly spread, fanned by high winds licking the sides of the scaffolding rig and lighting up the night sky.

Thousands of spectators, among them dignitaries, were evacuated to safety. There were no reports of fatalities and no one was reported to be badly injured.

The fire brigade rushed to the scene and the blaze was brought under control.

Difficult words: huge (very big), blaze (a big fire), engulf (to cover), venue (the place where an event takes place), scaffolding rig (tall pieces of wood that hold up lights), spectator (a person who is watching a performance), dignitary (a person who is important), fatality (a death), rush (to move quickly).


What would you do if you saw a fire during a cultural event?

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