Forty-three students are killed – level 3

05-02-2015 15:00

This footage shows various scenes of a reenactment of the crime scene surrounding the murders of 43 Mexican students.

The student-teachers who disappeared four months ago were murdered on the orders of a drug cartel who mistook them for members of a rival gang, officials said on Tuesday.

Finally confirming the death of the trainee teachers, Mexico’s Attorney General has said he is certain that all of the students were killed and burned before their remains were thrown into a river.

Felipe Rodriguez, an arrested member of gang Guerreros Unidos, has confessed to being given the order by one of his bosses to execute the 43 students.

The case has caused considerable controversy in Mexico with some fire experts claiming the government’s rendition of events is implausible.

The disappearance of the students on the night of September 26th led to massive street protests and international condemnation of Mexico’s security situation.

Difficult words: footage (video), various (different), reenactment (acting out a past event), surrounding (about), cartel (a group of people who agree to sell their products at a particular price), mistake – mistook – mistaken (to identify someone wrongly), official (somebody in a position of authority), trainee (a person in training), Attorney General (the most important legal officer in a country), confess (to admit to doing something), execute (to kill), considerable (large), controversy (a conversation where many people feel very strongly), claim (to say), rendition (an explanation), implausible (unreasonable and unlikely to be true), condemnation (when people say that they don’t like something), security situation (how safe a place is).



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