Girl is saved - level 3

Girl is saved - level 3

16-07-2015 07:00

A seven-year-old Colombian girl who went missing in the jungle nearly three weeks ago and was thought to be dead has been found alive. The young girl went missing in northern Colombia's natural reserve Tayrona Park where she was collecting coconuts with her parents.

After an 18-day air and land search from hundreds of officers, the seven-year-old was located after an anonymous tip-off was made to the family. She was discovered in an abandoned hut in the jungle.

Authorities do not know how the little girl arrived at the abandoned hut or how she survived her jungle ordeal but said she was found in a bad state. Injuries on the girl's feet indicate she may have travelled long distances. The girl was reunited with her worried parents on her way to hospital where she is receiving medical treatment.

Authorities are investigating the girl's disappearance amid questions over the anonymous call made to the police and how the seven-year-old survived in the jungle.

Difficult words: tip-off (a piece of information), abandoned (without any people), hut (a small, simple building), ordeal (a terrible experience).


What do you think about what happened to the girl?

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