Have a nap in Hong Kong - level 3

Have a nap in Hong Kong - level 3

03-03-2016 15:00

It's said that we're a sleep-deprived generation. And some Hong Kong businesses have come up with an idea to counter this problem: nap lounges. Swinging merrily in cocoon-like hammocks, these young professionals have taken a step back from the stresses of working life to have a breather and catch up on some sleep.

Living in a city that never sleeps doesn't mean that you can't. Hong Kong is pricey, cramped and crowded – finding a tranquil space is hard come by, at any hour, and especially by the hour. And costing just $1.30 for an hour of shut eye and some peace in the midst of a hectic day has got the city's residents excited.

“It's something very new to me. And the experience is fascinating. I mean I haven't experienced this kind of lifestyle before. So all in all, I enjoyed it."

Whilst people may be latching on to the concept of a nap lounge, their viability and longevity is less certain. Only time will tell if these businesses will see their dreams fulfilled or have their plans hit the snooze button.

Difficult words: deprived (if you are deprived of something, you do not have enough of it), counter (to do something about), merrily (happily), cocoon (wrap), hammock (a bed in the air), breather (a rest), tranquil (restful, calm, quiet), latch on to something (to be excited about something and to start doing something), viability (ability to be successful), longevity (long existence or service), snooze button (to turn an alarm off temporarily so you can sleep longer).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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