Kung Fu Panda – level 2

Kung Fu Panda – level 2

07-11-2016 07:00

In China, a man decided to get very close to a panda. While the panda was napping, he walked up to it to touch its head. This woke the panda up and over-excited it.

The panda, which weighs 112 kilograms, ran towards the man, grabbed his leg, and pushed him to the ground. They grappled for 5 minutes before the man escaped and neither he or the bear were hurt. The man was lucky that he did not get two black eyes like the panda!

Difficult words: over-excite (get very excited and emotional), grapple (fight), two black eyes (pandas have large black marks around their eyes, and sometimes people get black eyes if they get punched in the face).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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