Lift goes up very fast - level 2

Lift goes up very fast - level 2

18-06-2014 07:00

A terrifying accident happened in Chile. A man entered a lift. The doors of the lift closed at first, but then they suddenly reopened.

The lift was out of control. It started going up very fast. The man tried to stop the lift by pressing the buttons on the control panel. It did not help. The lift shot up 30 floors in just 15 seconds and crashed into the roof. It was estimated that the lift hit the roof at a speed of almost 80 kilometres an hour (50 miles an hour).

The man’s legs and head were injured. He was taken to a nearby hospital. He was in a serious condition.

Difficult words: terrifying (very scary), estimate (to try to guess the speed, size, value etc.).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Are you scared of lifts?

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