Plane crashes in England - level 3

Plane crashes in England - level 3

28-08-2015 07:00

The pilot was trying to do a loop the loop, but this vintage military plane crashed on a busy road in West Sussex. Several cars were hit on the A27. Seven people have died.

The Shoreham Air Show in the aftermath of the crash.

“Everyone stay in your places, please. We’ll be getting the emergency services in soon. Just stay where you are please.”

“You could see the engine just totally stopped and he tried his best to get back onto the airport and he just didn't make it. So the people in the cars, at the traffic lights behind that and our car, they’re totally gone.”

“My husband said to me it’s a jet. No, it’s not possible… It must be a car crash, but no. It was a jet, and I can't believe it!”

“The plane went into a loop and came down ever so low and didn't come up again. The next thing we saw was a fireball and loads of black smoke. It’s horrific.”

Difficult words: loop the loop (a vertical circle in the air), aftermath (the situation after something bad happened).


What do you think about this accident?

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