Protest against bullfighting - level 3

Protest against bullfighting - level 3

13-01-2015 15:00

A Colombian animal rights campaigner has had 2,500 needles put in her back to protest cruelty against bulls.

Fanny Pachon says she’s angered by the local traditional bullfighting festivals.

Outside the mayor’s office in Cartagena, an acupuncture specialist carefully placed the needles in her back.

A small group of activists joined the protest, holding posters such as one that read, “Bullfighter, if you are brave, dare to feel what the bull feels.”

If Fanny is successful, she could beat the Guinness World Record currently held by Wei Shengchu, who stuck 2,009 needles in his head back in 2009.

Bullfighting is popular in Colombia, where in September the country’s highest courts lifted a ban on bullfighting in the capital city of Bogota.

Difficult words: traditional (something done for many years by people), acupuncture (when you put needles in your skin to help the body), lift (to end formally), ban (when it is illegal to do something).


What is your opinion on bullfighting?

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