Robin Williams is dead - level 3

Robin Williams is dead - level 3

19-08-2014 15:00

Californian police has confirmed that Hollywood actor and comedian Robin Williams died from suicide by hanging.

The 63-year-old was found dead in his home by his personal assistant on Monday.

The Oscar-winning actor was last seen alive by his wife at 10.30pm on Sunday and his death has come as a shock to his family and the world.

“I think everybody is going to be missing him very much, especially me. I was a fan – just remember the good times not his death.”

In a statement posted on her blog Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda, said she will never, ever understand how he could not find it in his heart to stay.

It's thought he was suffering from severe depression and may have had money troubles.

Further toxicology tests to see if Williams was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol will now be carried out, the results of which could take up to six weeks to come back.

Difficult words: confirm (prove that something really happened),suicide (death by killing yourself), shock (terrible surprise), find it in one’s heart (to decide something), to stay (to stay alive and with other people), severe (very serious).


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