Selfie every mile - level 3

Selfie every mile - level 3

03-04-2015 15:00

Most travellers would probably admit to taking the odd selfie or two whilst they’re away, but one man has taken it to a whole new level. Andy Davidhazy has taken a picture of himself at every single mile along his 2,600-mile (4,184 kilometres) trek across the entire US.

Andy created this time-lapse video from the five-month hike from the borders of Mexico to Canada, officially named the Pacific Crest Trail. The gruelling journey ran through the mountains of California, Oregon and Washington.

Towards the end of the video, and his mammoth trek, Andy is almost unrecognisable – he lost a huge 50 pounds (23 kilograms) in weight.

Andy, who now lives in Austin, Texas, actually had to stop the hike about 418 kilometres from the end, after being stranded by a snow storm in 2013. He is now working on making a short film about his journey.

Difficult words: odd (happening only from time to time), trek (a long and difficult journey), crest (the top of a mountain or a hill), gruelling (very tiring), mammoth (very big), unrecognisable (not able to be recognised), huge (very big), stranded (to be stuck, unable to continue).


What do you think about this man’s pictures and his trip?

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