Sisters meet after 30 years - level 3

Sisters meet after 30 years - level 3

10-03-2016 15:00

It's a story that seems perfect for the big screen. Two sisters, separated during a devastating volcano, find each other after 30 years.

Lorena Sanchez and Jacqueline Vasquez Sanchez, were aged three and nine when the Tolima Volcano erupted and devastated their town in November 1985. The tragedy left more than 20,000 people dead and many victims were never identified. The sisters were separated during the event and were put up for adoption, after authorities believed they had lost their family.

Decades later Jacqueline saw a Facebook video, which featured her younger sister Lorena making an appeal for information on surviving family members. Jacqueline eventually tracked down her sister.

Lorena said, “it was beautiful and sad because it's been 30 years since the tragedy that I've come to find out what happened to my sister. So I have to catch up with thirty years of her life and she has to do the same with me.”

The sisters are now trying to find out what happened to their parents, but despite public appeals, the search has not been successful.

Difficult words: the big screen (the movies), separate (to make into two or more groups), authorities (leaders), feature (to have), track down (to find), appeal (a request).


Have you ever looked for a family member?

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