Solar-powered cars in Chile - level 3

Solar-powered cars in Chile - level 3

12-11-2014 15:00

Twenty futuristic solar cars have been put on display in Chile, as participants from around the world prepared to race through the Atacama Desert.

The cars, shown off on Wednesday, are either completely solar-powered or hybrids that use both solar and human-power, which allows the racers to give an extra push by pedalling from inside the cockpit.

The sleek designs were on exhibit in downtown Santiago in front of Chile's presidential palace, where drivers and passersby checked out the unique designs ahead of the competition.

Teams from around the world took to Chile ready to take part in the race with the hopes of being crowned 2014 champions and to test their designs against the challenging course.

The 20 teams will put their vehicles to the test during a five-day race that will cover 870 miles (1,400 km) through the unforgiving Atacama Desert, starting on November 13th.

Difficult words: futuristic (when something looks like it is from the future), solar (something that runs on light from the sun), sleek (good-looking and shiny), downtown (city centre), course (the route), unforgiving (not nice).


Is the solar-powar the future?

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