Super typhoon in China - level 3

Super typhoon in China - level 3

29-07-2014 07:00

Super typhoon Rammasun has made its landfall in Wenchang City in south China's island province of Hainan.

Rammasun had strengthened to a super typhoon by about 5 am on Friday, bringing strong gales and heavy rain, as it approached the areas.

Rainstorms have grown stronger in many cities and counties in Hainan since Thursday afternoon.

Trees were uprooted and traffic was disrupted by gale winds which have shaped up as the strongest to hit the province in 40 years.

Altogether, 241 flights at two airports have been cancelled, leaving about 2,000 passengers stranded.

China Central Television said access to all scenic spots on the island, which styles itself as China’s answer to Hawaii had been closed, and 30,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying coastal areas.

Difficult words: landfall (arrival), gale (very strong winds), county (part of a country), uproot (the trees were pulled out of the ground), disrupt (cause problems), shape (measure), strand (stuck), scenic (beautiful), China’s answer to Hawaii (Hainan is normally a beautiful island for people to visit).


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