25th James Bond Movie – level 3

08-03-2019 07:00

Actor Rami Malek is going to play the villain in the newest ‘James Bond’ movie, and he is in final negotiations for the role. The news came after his win at the 2019 Oscars. He will join a list of famous Bond baddies such as Scaramanga and Silva.

The 25th Bond movie in the franchise is called ‘Shatterhands’. Cary Joi Fukunaga is the director and the filming will begin in April 2019. Daniel Craig will play Bond for the last time, and other familiar and famous actors will join him.

Difficult words: villain (the ‘bad guy’), negotiation (a discussion to reach an agreement through compromise), baddie (slang for ‘bad guy’), franchise (a series of movies, shows, or restaurants or other things that are part of the same group or idea).

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