5G Network – level 3

03-02-2020 07:00

The UK says that the Chinese telecom company Huawei can help build a part of UK’s 5G network. However, Huawei’s role will be limited because the company is considered a high risk seller.

Huawei will not work on any critical or sensitive parts of the network, including around military bases and nuclear sites. The company is also allowed to supply only 35% of the equipment in non-sensitive parts of the network.

Huawei’s chief security officer called this a very significiant limitation. The US administration said that it is disappointed by the UK’s desicion. The US has long believed that Huawei devices pose a threat to national security, and it has pressured its allies to move away from working with the company.

Difficult words: pose (to present, usually a problem or danger), national security (how a country keeps itself safe), ally (a country that officially helps and supports another country).

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