66-million-year-old embryo – level 1

03-01-2022 07:00

Scientists find a special egg in China in 2000. The egg is a fossil. A fossil is a thing that looks like a rock.  A fossil can be very old. This egg is millions of years old.

Now the egg is in a museum. Scientists forget about it. People do some building work in the museum last year. Scientists find the egg. They think that there is an embryo inside.

They study the egg very carefully. Inside is an embryo of an oviraptorosaur. The oviraptorosaur is a dinosaur.

The egg is 17 centimeters long. The embryo is 27 centimeters long. Its head is on its belly. Its legs are on either side. This is usual for birds. It is very important information for scientists. Now they are sure that dinosaurs and birds are related.

The oviraptorosaur lives 100 to 66 millions of years ago. It has no teeth. It has feathers like birds.

Difficult words: forget (to not remember), embryo (an animal before it is born), feathers (the flat things which cover the bodies of birds).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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