A man with Parkinson’s walks again – level 1

10-11-2023 15:00

Doctors in Switzerland help a man with Parkinson’s walk better.

Marc Gauthier has Parkinson’s. He cannot walk well. But doctors help him. They put an implant in his body. He has something like tiny wires on his back and a little machine under his skin. This machine sends messages to his legs to move. Marc is happy now because he can leave his house and walk around. Parkinson’s is a sickness that makes people shaky and stiff.

Doctors want to try this new thing on six more people next year. They think it can make others feel better and walk like they used to.

Difficult words: implant (a thing which doctors put inside a body to help with a problem), wire (a long thin piece of metal through which electricity travels), stiff (something what cannot move easily).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What kind of procedure is involved in implanting the machine that helps Marc with his Parkinson's?


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