Afghanistan Peace Deal – level 3

10-04-2020 15:00

The Taliban has accused the US and the Afghan government of violating a peace deal, and it has called on US and Afghan officials to act according to the deal.

The Taliban said that it restricted attacks on Afghan security forces; however, the US carries out drone strikes on civilians. The group also said that the Afghan government delayed its promise to release 5,000 prisoners in exchange for 1,000 government personnel.

The US military spokesman said that the US will continue to defend its partners in compliance with the peace deal. He called the Taliban’s claims baseless, and he asked to reduce violence and to focus on fighting the spread of the coronavirus in Afghanistan. The Taliban said that it will support health workers who can help people and that it will stop fighting in areas with reported infection.

Difficult words: violate (to break a rule or a formal agreement), compliance (when somebody does what he is required or expected to do), baseless (not based on facts).

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