AI and politics – level 3

19-03-2024 07:00

Deepfakes, manipulated images, and recordings created by artificial intelligence have spread rapidly across social media.

Recently, deepfakes have targeted politicians such as US President Joe Biden and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. While some politicians have embraced this technology, it has raised concerns about public trust. Recently, New York Mayor Eric Adams used deepfake technology for automated calls, speaking multiple languages to promote city venues. Civil rights advocate Albert Fox Khan criticized this move, fearing it sets a dangerous precedent. Globally, political figures are increasingly using deepfakes for communication, which blurs the lines between reality and fiction, heightening concerns about trust in government.

With elections approaching, the impact of deepfakes on public perception is significant.

Difficult words: embrace (to accept eagerly or gladly), precedent (an earlier event or action that’s regarded as an example or guide for similar circumstances), perception (the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted).

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What concerns have been raised about the use of deepfake technology by politicians and how does it affect public trust in government?


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