AI drones help farmers and the planet – level 1

13-06-2024 15:00

Weeds are wild plants. They grow in fields. Farmers do not want them in their fields.

Farmers use a lot of chemicals. These chemicals kill weeds. But chemicals are not good for nature. Most farming machines are big and expensive. They work only a little bit every year. Another problem is that most chemicals end up in soil and on plants. This way of farming is expensive and it does not work very well.

One company makes drones. These drones use AI. The drones fly over fields. They find weeds. They spray only weeds. This saves money and the planet, too. The drones save 95% of chemicals.

Difficult words: chemical (a substance which does not come from nature), soil (the brown substance in which plants grow), drone (a small flying vehicle which a person operates).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What are the potential issues with using drones and AI to identify and target weeds?


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