AI drones help farmers and the planet – level 3

20-09-2023 07:00

The urgent need to combat weeds sustainably has been heightened by global warming, which accelerates their growth, posing a threat to crops and food security.

Traditional methods involve excessive chemical spraying, resulting in environmental harm. Startups like Precision AI are introducing innovative solutions, such as AI-enabled crop-spraying drones, which reduce chemical usage by up to 90%. These drones employ AI to precisely identify plant species in real-time, allowing targeted chemical applications to eliminate weeds while minimizing environmental impact.

Currently, a significant portion of chemicals applied in agriculture goes to waste. Precision AI aims to shift the industry towards a ‘spray as a service’ model, leveraging precision farming technologies. Despite the potential benefits, challenges include navigating international regulations, scaling up the technology, and addressing concerns about job displacement due to autonomous farming.

Difficult words: heighten (to make or become more intense), leverage (to use borrowed money for investments), scale up (to increase something in size, number, or extent).

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What initiatives can be taken to reduce the environmental impacts of weed management while ensuring crop and food security?


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