Applause for Spanish Workers – level 3

30-03-2020 07:00

Emergency service workers in Madrid, Spain, line the streets outside a hospital and applaud each other in a show of mutual respect.

Medical staff from two hospitals join police officers and bus drivers to show their appreciation for the hard work of the emergency services and to pay tribute to people who have died. The tribute has become a daily ritual outside the Jimenez Diaz Foundation Hospital, as the city continues to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

After Italy, Spain has become the country most affected by the coronavirus in Europe. On Saturday, the Spanish government declared a state of emergency, and people have been ordered to stay at home for two weeks. On Saturday evening, people living in Madrid stood on balconies and clapped to cheer doctors and healthcare workers to show appreciation for their work.

Difficult words: mutual (when two or more people feel the same emotion, or they do the same thing for each other), appreciation (the ability to understand the quality or importance of something), tribute (an act to show respect or gratitude).

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