Apps Get Into Facebook Photos – level 3

21-12-2018 15:00

Facebook is apologising for a bug that allowed 1,500 third party apps to be able to get into 6.8 million users’ photos without their permission from September 13th to 25th. These photos were not usually accessible.

Facebook said that the bug allowed the apps to get to photos that users posted or only uploaded to Facebook without posting them. Facebook said that it keeps the unreleased photos in case the users want to post them later. Facebook said that it will notify all users who were impacted by this issue.

This is another privacy problem for the company this year. Ireland investigated the company after a security issue affected many accounts there. This also comes after Facebook admitted that Cambridge Analytica received millions of users’ information without permission.

Difficult words: bug (an error that makes a program do something unexpected), third party (a group/person other than the two group/people – Facebook and the user in this case), accessible (able to get to something), impact (affect), notify (send a message), issue (problem).

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